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Empresa boa de trabalhar mas com salários muito defasados. Possuo benefícios interessantes. Pela dinâmica da empresa o funcionário poderia ter mais oportunidade de crescimento.
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Low Pay and Opportunities

While you might have fun with your co-workers, nice people, the pay is low and the growth opportunities are based on friendship rather than work ethic.
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Cultura ultrapassada, áreas viv em um mundo diferente das outras, crise financeira, sem possibilidades de efetivação, na área do CD as chances são maiores
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poor atmosphere, no room for advancement

The hardest part of the job is dealing with a management team that has very little clue on how to run a warehouse. Most of them still have no idea of the parts that they are looking for or at. Never worked for a reactive machine shop until I started here. Generally most are proactive


Wages only
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Not bad

Not a bad place to work. 1st shift Inbound just sit and talk most times though. If you have something to complain about might as well keep it to yourself
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Centro de distribuição

Processos são controlados e seguidos de forma correta e com segurança em primeiro lugar.Estoque com acuracidade acertiva e procurávamos sempre melhoria dos processos.
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Très bonne expérience, j'y ai acquis de bonne compétences

Quel est laspect le plus agréable dans le fait de travailler dans cette entreprise ?Possibilité d'évolution - bon salaire Quel est laspect le plus stressant dans le fait de travailler dans cette entreprise ?Les clôtures mensuelles très courtesComment décririez-vous lenvironnement de travail et la culture dans cette entreprise ?Environnement agréable, autonomieÀ quoi ressemble votre journée de travail type dans cette entreprise ?Une journée bien remplie nombreux échanges et contact
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Fast environment

Very good place to work the time go's by before even I know it some days it's very busy and someday not but the pay is very good I really do recommend working at CNH it's very good environment
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I loved working here but...

A typical was picking, assembly and keep items in stock.I believed I learned if just one person doesn't like you and are your superior they will be sure you are gone the first chance they get no matter how well you do your job or get on with everyone else.It truly is WHO you know not WHAT you know.Other workers were fantastic but once you've been singled out they wont necessarily take a stand for you in some situations because they WILL be punished for standing up for others either by forcing them to take overtime when they cant or taking any of their overtime away if they did it regularly.


Great colleagues, great pay, early finish fridays, some management are gung-ho about you taking care of your mental/health needs.


if you get the wrong supervisor who doesnt like women in the work place, you'll never progress, get overtime or be trained in anything else, or even last that long unless you are willing to be treated like ish, and never need time off for anything medical based.
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Decent place to work

Place is decent to work but upper management could use some help, team leads and floor supervisors are pretty easy to get along with HR department is also really helpful only reason I rated 3 stars is because of random layoffs with possible return dat but sometime indefinite
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O Pátio comercial não é um bom lugar para os trabalhadores do sexo masculino trabalhar.


Plano de saúde


Ma gestão nos patios comerciais
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No comunication on management and workers

We work as a team,and everyday we learn anything new about the system we use now.sometime we work extra hours,we knock off late.its good to work at landboupart because the have company benefit.


Free lunch


Normal hour
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Red flag !

Good pay but lack of hours , forced employees to change shifts or quit. Management is a no go. They dont care about the employees, lack of communication, to much layoff and shutdown.
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typical day

you have 18 minutes in between buzzers to get that job completed and then the line moved every 18 minutes All day long 32 tractors a day! Repetitive same thing over and over
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Heavy Duty Work

The pay and benefits were on par with the competition. Case was once the premier employer in Racine and I think those days are over. I had opportunities to move to different jobs based on seniority.
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Empresa completamente desorganizada

Empresa bagunçada desde a diretoria até o chão de fábrica, gestores desqualificados e falta de segurança em todos os setores. Requesito pra ter aumento é ser amigo do chefe. Lugar onde vc finge que trabalha e eles fingem que te pagam bem, e todo mundo vai empurrando com a barriga.
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Nice place

I really enjoyed working there. The most enjoyable part of the job is the people working there, the management cares about safety and the employees safety.
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I'd say the overall experience has been very good, and I've learned alot

What is the best part of working at the company?The money we get paid is amazing What is the most stressful part about working at the company?I'm a team lead, so that in and of it's self is stressful. Making sure everyone has job assignments and making sure the work is doneWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?They are working on it. We just recently rolled out our cultural beliefs and it's taking some time to get everyone on boardWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Most days are really smooth, a calm atmosphere
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Empresa ótima, mas mau gerida

Empresa ótima, mas administrada por pessoas sem preparo ou senso de administrativo, com ênfase em colocar pessoas conhecidas ou amigos que não entregam e mesmo assim são promovidos como se fosse um pré requisito ser melhor amigo pra ser reonhecido


Bons benefícios


Mau administração
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Overtime and Bad Management

The work itself was easy, the scanner tells you everything you need to know. They train you on equipment quickly. Almost constant overtime. 10 hr days, 5 days a week, occasional Saturdays and Sundays. Management does not care about anything, but their unreasonable quotas. Safety, work/life balance, people writing slurs and antisemitic things on tables, boxes, bins, and other HR issues are all second to their numbers. There's also no room for growth, absolutely no career advancement at this location.


Picking/packing is easy, equipment training


High quotas, terrible management, HR issues
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Fine, a bit unorganized

Coworkers were very helpful, but with high turnover there was a lot to learn and a lack of resources to pull from. Lack of organization made things confusing and deadlines were tight.
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