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This is thyssenkrupp – Standing still is moving backward. Let's move toward change One company – great diversity High-tech components for cars, trucks and machinery. Industrial plants, materials distribution and steelmaking. Provider of slewing bearings for wind turbines and solar power plants, as well as for submarines and surface ships. This – 
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At thyssenkrupp we have faced many challenges and continue to take on new ones. Currently the biggest transformation in our company's history. We are taking this journey step by step and with a strong attitude, as #GENERATIONTK. Yes, we are making progress. But there is still a lot to do. So we continue to get things done. Develop ourselves. Improve ourselves. Look ahead. Because standing still is moving backward. Let's move toward change. Not just as colleagues, but as a team. Determined to do our best. For thyssenkrupp, but also for ourselves. In doing so, we are connected by exciting and important projects, experiences and stories. With diverse businesses all over the world. This is us – the #GENERATIONTK.

Application process at thyssenkrupp

If you’ve found a position that appeals to you on our job board, then it’s time to take the next step. We’ve gathered together all the information you’ll need on the application process to ensure that your application gets to us safely and soundly. We look forward to getting to know you!

Dual Education at thyssenkrupp

You’ve nearly made it: Your school days are almost behind you, and you’ll soon be celebrating your graduation. That’s when things will really get started! If you dream of a future career that involves exciting and rewarding responsibilities, fantastic colleagues, and great prospects, why not come talk to us at thyssenkrupp?

Thank you for staying safe

Each April 28 is World Day for Safety & Health at Work. Because Safety and Health is part of our company culture, thyssenkrupp is taking part again. This year’s theme is “Thank you for staying safe!” Because we have to take care of ourselves not only for us, but also for our families & friends.

Experience thyssenkrupp in Bremen, Germany

We all know that engineers bring a certain technological artistry to their work. But they can be real artists too, as our colleague Ulrich Schreier from Bremen. He’s a mechanical engineer and a sculptor with a passion for robots.

thyssenkrupp award for best brand relaunch

In November 2015 thyssenkrupp relaunched its brand - and now we have won the German "Marken Award" for our Relaunch. This has been a great experience of engineering. tomorrow. together.