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Job Post Details

3D Artist - job post

São Paulo, SP
R$ 2.500 - R$ 5.000 por mês

Dados da vaga

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  • R$ 2.500 - R$ 5.000 por mês

Tipo de vaga

  • Commission


São Paulo, SP

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Descrição completa da vaga


IT; 10-50 employees

About us

At Charpstar we are looking to disrupt the interior shopping business by adding another dimension to the sales process through augmented reality and 3D visualization. Our fundamental drive is «seeing is believing» and that’s exactly what we are currently doing with Web AR. More informed decision making will result in happy clients and the next generation of shopping behaviors. This is what's called smart shopping.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for 3D Artists who are able to produce Photorealistic 3D Models of different articles mostly Glasses Spectacles, Furniture, Electronic Appliances etc. The role is based around a freelancing agreement where you get paid for your completed 3D Models. The amount of pay you get will depend on the quality and quantity of models you produce.


The price we pay you per 3D Model made is a fixed amount of 15 euros for every model you produce and additional pay for color, size changes, for your first list (project), Once you finish the first list in the given deadline(meaning all the models being approved by our quality assurance team in the given deadline), The prices will be upgraded to 20 Euros for all your next lists, for every model you produce and additional pay for color, size changes These prices are non-negotiable and any such attempts will not be entertained.

We also set up production and efficiency goals each month together with our production manager, where you will get bonuses based on your performance of a job well done which we believe is very motivating for the people who show dedication to the assignment. A typical bonus is given if you complete the work decided within the deadline. We then give you 30% of the total value of the products you have produced.

Example given : 50 Products * 20 Euros = 1000 Euros. Bonus 500 Euros if completed within deadline = 1500 Euro total / month.

The usual monthly pay falls between 500 to 1000 Euros, depending on your productivity.

Job Type: Part-time, Freelance


Total work: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location: Remote

The requirements

  • Experienced before making 3D Assets for AR/VR and WebGL.
  • Problem-solving oriented, proactive and high-quality awareness.
  • Work with the Lead Artist.
  • Comfortable with content creation software including Blender/Maya/3DsMax, Zbrush/Mudbox, Substance Painter, Photoshop.
  • Create alike 3D Assets(including textures) based on a few reference pictures.
  • Work with maximum 100k poly, 2K Textures, 1-2 materials.
  • Work well with deadlines.
  • Attention to detail is VERY IMPORTANT
  • Able to communicate well in the English Language.
  • Work experience in 3D softwares such as 3DS Max, Maya, Blender or similar software.
  • Experienced with texturing softwares such as Substance Painter or similar softwares.
  • Be able to know how to use Tileable/seamless texturing methods.
  • Have an easy time following instructions.
  • Able to motivate and communicate revisions.
  • Experience with creating medium poly models containing maximum 150K Polygons from pictures of products and dimensions.

Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Commission
Contract length: 3 months

Pay: R$2,500.00 - R$5,000.00 per month

Expected hours: 20 – 40 per week

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