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Head of Data (Brazil) - job post

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About DebtHammer

DebtHammer is a rapidly growing company with one mission: help get people out of debt. Credit card debt in the US recently reached $1 trillion, and tens of millions of people struggle to manage it. Debthammer is their solution.

Debthammer is early but growing rapidly, and this role is an opportunity to build something from the ground up, solve interesting data problems, and help people while doing so.

What you'll be doing & what makes this role so awesome:

Chance to Build Something from the Ground Up:
DebtHammer is on pace to become a massive company within the next few years. You’ll be responsible for creating all of the data structure, reporting, and processes from the ground up.

Solve Tough Problems:
There’s no shortage of interesting, challenging problems to solve with data.

Report to a Data Literate CEO: You’ll report to the CEO of the company, and work directly with him to bring his vision for DebtHammer alive. That’s cool, but what’s even cooler is that Jake has a Master’s in Analytics from UT Austin and is quite data literate himself. So you’ll have the support of a CEO that embraces the power of data.

Clean Data: Be Data Driven is a core value, and as such, we’ve invested a ton in making sure we collect the right data and store it in a useful way.


Advanced Level at SQL & Data Wrangling: You can write SQL in your sleep. You know how to do complex joins, window functions and all the cool tricks. You understand how to take messy data and turn it into something useful.

Data Visualization:
You’re familiar with the power of data visualization and how to present data in a way that end users can cut, filter, manipulate and solve problems. We use Tableau, but vast experience with any similar data viz tool is fine with us.

Business Problem Solving Skills:
Wrangling data is fun, but the purpose is to help make business decisions. You should have a track record of self directed problem solving using data. It’s up to you to find ways to improve conversion rate, or understand why a metric is trending one way or another.

Willingness to Roll Up Your Sleeves: As the first data hire, you won’t be starting with a team. You’ll be getting your hands dirty writing queries and creating dashboards yourself.

Strong Organization & Documentation Skills: You’re laying the foundation for a big business here. It’s extremely important that you document your work, establish a ‘data dictionary’, and implement basic (but not overly bureaucratic) data governance structures.

Strong Data Integrity Intuition: We do our best to keep the data clean, but as we all know, no data is perfect. You know how to look at a set of tables and make sense of them. You can test your assumptions, and do gut checks on ‘does this make sense’?. When there are gaps or shortfalls in the data, you come up with creative solutions to get past them, and also propose how to collect the right data going forward.

Communication: You can communicate with all types of people within the organization. From people who are ‘data-fluent’ to sales reps to executives.

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