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Friendly, tech-savvy coach (Zooms w/ 20s-30s adults) - job post

Clay Bootcamp
Home office
R$ 7.000 - R$ 12.500 por mês

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  • R$ 7.000 - R$ 12.500 por mês

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  • Tempo integral

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### About Us

At Clay Bootcamp (, we're not just a team; we're a warm, friendly community of learning-oriented teachers, passionate nerds, and creators.

We offer a comprehensive, rapidly-evolving 6-week program that empowers agency owners to master, a SaaS which is democratizing outbound sales automation and becoming very popular.

Hear directly from full time employee Flory about what it's like to work at Clay Bootcamp:

Here's a quick message from me (Nathan Lippi, Clay Bootcamp's founder!)

And a few notes on our culture of growth/learning!:

At the heart of our Bootcamp is a generous offer: “unlimited” on-demand one-on-one technical coaching on Clay with a skilled coach who will shape and accelerate each student’s growth with the tool.

(students are blown out of the water by this 1-1 coaching and are very grateful which is a fulfilling experience!!! :) )

Our typical student is an already-successful male (agency owner or ambitious Sales Development Rep) in their 20s to late 30s who are looking to move their careers forward by learning Clay. They have paid thousands of dollars for the program and so are committed though also quite busy!

### What we're looking for

We’re looking to add a unique, talented, full-time coach with a demonstrated history of:

  • Mastery of digital tools: A demonstrated history of learning difficult digital tools* very deeply. As part of this job, you’ll need to master Clay. (we DO NOT expect you to know Clay before starting–in fact, we’ve never run across a job candidate who does!)
  • Strong coaching/teaching+social skills: People love you, and you love people. Aside from great vibes and relationship-building skills, you have the ability to break down and clearly explain concepts + calibrate your coaching to the current level and needs of your students… while inspiring, encouraging and challenging students to give their best, despite their busy work and lives.

* Examples of difficult digital tools: Zapier setups/Salesforce/complex Notion setups, etc.

### Our culture thrives on:

  • Support of each other
  • The continual pursuit of learning, excellence, and personal growth, and
  • A shared passion for helping others

We have a diverse team of 4 full-time employees (Nathan, Flory, Glaidel, Sid) and 3 contractors/advisors PLUS a growing cast of part-time mentors--and we foster an environment that values every voice and encourages continuous personal and professional development.

### Your Role and Impact:

You’ll report directly to me (Nathan), the founder of Clay Bootcamp.

1. Help students master Clay through in-the-weeds technical coaching

You’ll help build up an entire ‘generation’ of Clay experts while building your own deep mastery and having fun. If you love helping people and love mastering tools, you’ll love this job IMO!

  • Main focus: Do 5 hours/day of 1-1 coaching sessions with Clay Bootcamp students (25 and 50-minute sessions) where you help students execute on their “dream projects”, perfect their homework, and support ad hoc questions. Since everything’s so new, we’re still feeling out what reasonable hours look like for a 40-hour work week, that will also give you time to reflect, prepare, have a life outside of work and share your knowledge with the team. If you’re dedicated to creating impact, we’re dedicated to figuring out how to ensure you’re happy!
  • Give students 1-1 feedback on “homework” in Slack, with prompt turnaround time, so they can get to mastery of Clay with fast feedback cycles.
  • Encourage students to do homework and book calls with you via Slack messages.
  • Excite and inspire shy or de-motivated students so they can get back on track!
  • Optional: Help manage growing Slack community of students.

2. Create+test new course content

As you interact with students, you’ll see interesting repeat questions and gaps in the course. You’re in a unique position to create rough drafts of material to help students, test the material one-on-one with students.

When draft course material article helps students, and resonates, we can progressively polish it and integrate it in the course. Your name will remain on the material you create, as an author!

3. Collaborate to improve Clay Bootcamp

  • Share “voice of student” feedback with the team to support our rapidly-evolving org and strategy. You’ll be on the front lines so you’ll have a unique perspective on how to best evolve the program!
  • Attend weekly management meetings where we talk student health – as a team we’ll figure out how to get individual students highly engaged and highly successful, with you responsible for the students you ‘own’!

### What onboarding will look like:

  • Become an advanced Clay user over a few weeks of intense practice and study (we'll support you!)
  • Start co-coaching with Flory and Sid (training wheels for you!)
  • Then start coaching solo, continuing to build your knowledge (it’s okay to say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out for you!”)

### Benefits:

  • Deeply master a tool that is rapidly growing in popularity
  • We’re a great team (if I do say so myself!):
  • -- We're learning and growth oriented (and we'll invest in you!)
  • -- We’re accomplished, talented, and international team (USA, Philippines, Portugal, India, Canada)
  • -- We’re passionate, warm, collaborative people :)!
  • Culture of excellence: Join a team where high performance is celebrated.
  • High-touch help to grateful students with us is much more fun/fulfilling than transactional support / de-motivated students
  • A competitive salary
  • Diverse and inclusive environment: Talented, warm, passionate people live all over the world and that's what we care about :).

### We're looking for:

  • Excellent social intelligence using charm, energy, and charisma while working with students.
  • Proven expertise in mastering difficult/technical digital tools. (ability to learn > specific tool knowledge)
  • A response to this job post mentioning your favorite animal.
  • A love for growth and learning. (a core value for us)
  • Stellar references that speak to your past successes and contributions. (we will check with all past managers before hiring!)
  • Ability to work USA work hours (PST slightly preferred), to accommodate our PST students who don’t have much time overlap with Flory/Sid who are in the Philippines and India. (in the beginning you’ll need to work EST hours for training but then can transition to PST hours if you want/need to)

### Application Process:

1. Apply to this job post!

2. (Nathan, the founder) will ask you some questions via chat over a series of days.

3. If we think it could be a great fit, we’ll ask candidates we’d like to proceed with to record a short demo or teach a digital tool or technical topic they’ve mastered to a high level and/or record a Loom video.

4. [paid] We'll give a small technical *paid* assignment to candidates who could be a great fit

5. If we're interested in hiring you, we'll check all your past references.

If we mutually choose to work together, we'll be very invested in your growth and success. As part of our commitment to excellence, we conduct thorough reference checks to ensure a perfect fit.

We can't wait to meet the next incredible addition to our team.

Apply today and let's create a great organization together!

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: R$7,000.00 - R$12,500.00 per month

Application Question(s):

  • Why do you think this this would be a great mutual fit?

Work Location: Remote

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